Who are We – Mike

Dr Mike O’Shea


MOS Photo •       30 years Experience: Chemist, Chem Engineer, Polymer Scientist, Innovator, Developer of Technologies / Platforms, Consultant to industry.

•       Industrial Experience in R&D, Production, Development of new products and translation to market.

•       Developed Platform technologies around Biomass to Polymers and downstream products:  Terpene, Plant oils etc

•       B&R Products; Flexichem  (business plan, new products, pilot plant etc); Caltex Refineries R&D / Process Group : TDM Coal; PPI – Polymer Processing Institute USA; CRC-P; CSIRO.

•       Polyactiva – Drug Polymer Conjugates ( coatings, fibres/ rod – implants).  Key Inventor, Business Plan, Investor & customer identification, negotiation.


•       Anatomics:  PoreStar polymer implant – different way to use extrusion/ profile / fibre :   Currently in 100+ patients:  12 Months Taking from TRL 2-9


•       https://www.csiro.au/en/Research/MF/Areas/Biomedical/Implants/Porestar

•       In-Market Polymer Technologies :    VISY PET Dual Ovenalbe Trays: Ciba Irgamod RA 20 modifier for PET , Nylon etc: LyondellBasell – HMS PP; Qenos Bi-Modal LLDPE ( by REX)

•       Others Technologies  Thermochromic LCP fibres http://freshscience.org.au/2011/a-smart-bandage-reveals-healing : Renewable Chemicals / Processes etc




Dr Mike O’Shea Skills, Experience and Impacts – Long-Winded Version



Professional Summary

Industrial Chemist / Material Scientist / Innovator with more than 30 years experience in industry, start-ups and collaborative industry/ government research organisations.   Track record of identifying opportunities, developing industrial relevant solutions and technologies, securing funding, building and managing multidisciplinary teams, scaling up, technology transfer and delivery of product/ technology to the market. Innovator who is reliable, responsible, organized, and always goes the extra mile for the job.



  • Innovative and critical thinker who can use logic and reasoning in conjunction with creativity to identify weaknesses as well as opportunities. Ability to develop solutions and identify and follow the critical path to achieve outcome/s.
  • Skilled communicator who has the ability to convey and understand complex thoughts in person or via writing.
  • Experienced project manager with the ability to provide targeted reports, proposals and plans to colleagues, managers, investors and boards. Aware of competitor technologies, provides alternative solutions/ back-up plans with SWOT analysis.
  • Ability to do end to end Innovation/ Product Development from securing funding, negotiating deals, lab proof of principle, testing / optimising/ “flearning” , scale up, to production/ implementation.
  • Skills across a range of disciplines to go from feedstocks to molecules to materials to products.


Impacts/ Outcomes

  • Secured funding for multi-million dollar collaborative projects based around renewable chemicals – Estimate last 5 years total value  ~ $9M projects
  • Core team member that secured SIEF funding for collaborative project with USyd / Licella for $5.4M on Renewable Chemicals
  • Developed controlled release drug delivery technology from inception through to spin out – PolyActiva. Secured $3.4M seed funding in middle of GFC.
  • PoreStar : Developed craniofacial non-degradable medical implants technology for Anatomics
  • Thermochromic fibres as indicators for babdages – Tri-component fibres utilising modified cholesterol
  • SyncFert : Developed controlled release fertiliser technology Currently in negotiation with potential licensee
  • Technology Roadmaps for CytoMatrix, Nike, Melbourne Water etc. Assisted Cytromatrix in developing new partners and outlets for their core technology.
  • Wrote proposals, secured funding, negotiated agreements (cleared roadblocks) for Vic government STI ( Science Technology and Infrastructure) 2005 round : BTA ( Bionic Technologies Australia), Assisted with VCAMM ( Victorian Centre for Materials and Manufacturing)
  • CBI GM Crops and Down Stream Technologies: Proposed projects, secured funding, sat on steering committee for GRDC funded CBI ( Crop Biofactories Initiative); 9 yr, $12M funded CSIRO/GRDC projects.   Managed complex monomers project and subsequent engagement/impact to market via non-GM route.
  • PET Upgraded Products : Developed technology, scale-up and technology transfer for Visy C-PET reactive dual ovenable tray technology. Also developed related technology for Ciba Speciality /BASF reactive masterbatch to upgrade recycled PET – Irgamod RA 20
  • HMS-PP: Developed technology, scale-up and license for reactive extrusion processes for high melt strength/ branched polypropylene with Lyondell Basell/ Sun-Allomer.


Expertise in Polymer Science and Materials

  • Production of value added chemicals / monomers/ polymers from Biomass
  • Polymer Scaffolds for Tissue repair –
  • Biodegradable Polymer – drug conjugates  ( PolyActiva start-up company)
  • Controlled Delivery Fertilisers / Active Agents
  • Materials for Defence & Security Applications – Personal Protection Armour, Enclosures etc
  • Barrier Materials for packaging, flexible batteries etc
  • Reactive Extrusion and Polymer Processing.
  • Consultant to a number of companies to renewable chemicals and polymeric materials.



Academic Qualifications:

1991     PhD – University of Queensland

1987    M. App. Sc. – QUT

1983    B. App. Sc- App. Chem – QIT -Graduate with Distinction



1984-1985: Theiss Dampier Mitsui Pty Ltd Coal:  Barney Point Lab Supervisor and Washplant optimisation program

1987-1991: Bramite / Flexichem – Composites and Silicones R&D ( including PhD) – Flexichem – Spin-out company from Bramite/ B&R Group.

1991-1993:  Ampol Refineries R&D Senior Chemist:  Refinery processes and Fuels Group

1993-1998 CRC for Polymers Pty Ltd

1998-2018 CSIRO Chemicals and Polymers / Materials Science and Technology/ Manufacturing


Positions on Advisory Boards, Major Committees,

  • Conference Organising Committee – Asian Workshop on Polymer Processing – Melbourne  Nov 2016
  • Melbourne Water:  Bio-Sustainability Hub Expert Advisory Committee – ( 2014 -)
  • Committee Member – Vinyl Council of Australia  ( 2006-2013)
  • Steering Committee – Crop Biofactories Initiative   (2007-2012)
  • Management Committee – Bionic Technologies Australia  ( 2006-2009)